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Rideshare Tip Box

By February 22, 2017Uber Tip Box

Uber Tip Box

Exemplary service is often appreciated by patrons. And that’s what you give when driving your passengers to their destination safely in a friendly and courteous manner. But now you can level up your Uber service by simply placing this simple box on your front seat center console or armrest. The Uber Tip Box is a good way to bring back the freedom of appreciation to your patrons as well as giving them extra service by charging their phones while waiting to get to their destination.

This device will bring in extra cash from tips and give back through the extra service of charging their phones. Here are the great features of this stylish new gadget for your Uber car:

  • Uber Tip Box is a stylish addition to your car gadgets. The sleek black design goes well with any car upholstery and dashboard.
  • It’s very easy to install and remove. Simply attach the Velcro strap to the center armrest, instantly you have your Uber Tip Box for your kind customers to show their appreciation for your service.
  • It comes with 3 charging cables, one for each type of phone. Your customers simply have to choose which charging cable they use for their smartphones or other gadgets that may fit the charging cables. You simply have to connect the Uber Tip Box to a USB connection to facilitate the charging of the phone.
  • It comes in two types, one has an LED light. So the tip box won’t be easily missed and can be seen in the dark. Second type is a simpler, plainer box but still with charging cables.

The Uber Tip Box was designed with both the driver and the passengers in mind. Driving takes a lot of concentration, taking the driver’s eyes off the road for a few seconds is dangerous and leads to accidents. To save drivers from the inconvenience and from any danger, this tip box stays conveniently visible for passengers to see the cables and there’s no need to ask for the assistance of the driver. At the same time, this also saves the driver from the awkwardness of soliciting for a tip. Tips are tokens of appreciation and bring in much needed extra income for drivers. The Velcro and the box do not damage the car interior in anyway. It is easily installed and removed once the shift is over. No more looking for charging cables and you are guaranteed the extra cash every courteous and friendly driver deserves.

Convenient, easy to install and remove and ensures driving passengers safely to their destinations while giving them an extra service. The Uber Tip Box brings in the cash every driver deserves as well as gives passengers an extra service that they will surely appreciate.