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Uber Tip Box for Uber Drivers

By February 17, 2017Uber Tip Box

Benefits of Uber tip box and how it can add to the extra income of the drivers

The popular online transportation network giant Uber recently settled a lawsuit where the company finally agreed to allow the drivers to accept tips from the riders. Post the clarification that although tips are not inclusive of fare, they can be accepted from the willing customers; a freedom has been given to the drivers to put an Uber tip sign in their car letting the passengers know that tips are not included in the fare.

Since there is no way to tip a driver using the Uber app uber tip sign and tip box for uber are a creative and innovative ways to solicit tip from the customers.

How do Uber tip sign help drivers?

There has always been a misconception in the minds of riders that the driver’s tip is a part of the fare. After a recent clarification, a large number of uber drivers are earning a decent amount of money as a part of the tip after installing uber tipping box and using uber tip signs.

However, it is essential for the drivers to be innovative about tackling this situation. Uber tip sign such as ‘tipping is not necessary but it is always appreciated’ or ‘tips aren’t included in your uber fare, enjoy your ride’ can be helpful in getting customer’s attention to the tipping facts. These signs can be put either on the back seats or on smart tip box for uber, by tip dash.

Benefits of the Uber tipping box

  • Uber tip box from tip dash is an excellent solution for all the Uber drivers to creatively inform the customers and giving them an easy option to tip the driver after an excellent trip.

  • Installing a professional and featured uber tip box also ensure that the drivers rating aren’t suffered in any way. There are a lot of features in the uber tipping box, keeping customer’s convenience in mind to make sure that it feels polite and a reward for the excellent ride and superior customer experience.

  • It is a great source of added income for the drivers. On an average, a driver can earn as high as 300-400$ per month using the Uber tip box from tip dash.

Features of the Uber tip box:

Tip dash is an extremely convenient tip box for Uber which is full of powerful features to make it an essential addition in every Uber driver’s car. Below are the features of this smart tip box for Uber:

  • Stylish case design: A very professional and smart looking case that is highly durable and gives a stylish look which is made up of 100% acrylic.

  • 2 in 1 charging cables for customer’s convenience: A lot of riders highly appreciate a usable charging point in the uber cars and this uber tip box perfectly resolves the issue by providing 2-in-1 smart charging cables compatible with ios and Android phones.

  • Sturdy lock with a set of 2 keys: To manage the Uber tip box better and safely, this is equipped with a durable lock and a set of 2 keys for the driver’s use.

  • Smart LED white light bars: Customer’s traveling during the night time no longer have to worry about the absence of sufficient light to read messages, operate phone etc. Uber tip box comes with 2 LED white light bars that will allow the customers to read their messages all the time conveniently.

  • A creative tip sign image cover: Uber tipping box from Tip dash comes with a creatively designed uber tip sign cover that can be placed underneath the Plexiglas making it clearly visible t the customers at night time. This will also allow the drivers to inform the customers about the tipping.

  • A universal center console strap: Uber tip box is pretty flexible with a universal center console strap that allows it to move easily as per the customer’s convenience.

It is must for all the Uber drivers to avail this smart option to enhance their revenues substantially. Also, it is very easy to install and an affordable option. There are 2 variants ‘Tip dash deluxe’ and ‘tip dash standard’ based on the specific features wanted by the drivers.