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Uber Tip Jar

By February 22, 2017Uber Tip Box

Uber Tip Jar

Giving tips to Uber drivers for driving safely, friendly and courteous service is not included in the Uber App. After the contention on labor practices of Uber drivers. These hard working individuals are now given the option to solicit tokens of appreciation from passengers. But since tipping through the app is not allowed, drivers have found ways to solicit tips through Tip jars and boxes. Tips are not included in the service fee passengers pay through the app. Now that the mandate on Uber drivers’ labor practices concludes that they are part of the service industry, drivers are allowed to solicit tips for excellent service. Although giving tips is not mandatory for passengers, it is considered a token of appreciation for giving the service. Tips bring in extra cash to drivers and provides the incentive to go the extra mile in driving passengers safely to their destinations as well as being friendly and courteous.

Uber Tip Jars come in different shapes and sizes. And to fully appreciate drivers’ service, they give extra services such as providing charging ports for smartphones and other gadgets. Let’s look into the different Uber tip jars and boxes.

  • Decorative Uber tip jars that look like fish bowls – Drivers are getting creative with their tip jars. Adding cute little toys inside the fish bowls ensures it won’t be missed by customers.
  • Jars with LED light are now available in stores and online. These Uber tip jars are well lighted with up to 20 tiny LED lights to make sure customers know where to put the tips.
  • The jelly or artisanal jar is also used as a tipping jar.
  • Clear tip boxes made from plastic or polycarbonate with a charging port under the box provide extra incentive to passengers to appreciate the efforts of their drivers in providing excellent service.
  • Ordinary clear tip box is an astute reminder to appreciate the driver.

Make sure the Uber tip jar or box is attached securely on the center console to prevent it from falling over. Customized tip jars and boxes are now available online or in stores that can easily be attached securely and removed when the shift ends.

Tip jars and boxes are subtle ways of saying a tip is not mandatory but is well appreciated. Providing extra incentives to drivers to work smarter and harder in giving service to their customers. Tips bring in extra income to drivers. It is good work hard but better to work smarter.