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Uber Tip Sign

By February 22, 2017Uber Tip Box

Uber Tip Sign

It is now official, Uber drivers can solicit tips from their passenger without being reprimanded or without affecting their ratings. One of the main concerns of drivers is that soliciting tips from passengers might affect their current rating. After Uber’s decision to allow drivers to accept and solicit tips, different signs and subtle ways of solicitation have emerged. Tip signs placed on different areas in the interior catch the attention of passengers and allow them to show their appreciation for excellent service provided. Here are a few tips in putting up a tip sign:

  • Look for a tip sign that catches the passenger’s attention. The humor and uniqueness of tip signs can bring out a smile from passengers, catching their attention and putting a tip in a tip box or jar.
  • Secure the sign with a band or a ribbon to make sure the sign does not fall off. Tip signs should be placed in areas easily seen by the passenger. One good and visible place to attach the sign is on the back of the front seats. Make sure the signs are easily attached and removable. So when the shift ends, the sign can be taken down.
  • Make sure to give excellent service with friendly and courteous disposition. One observation about allowing drivers to receive tips is the increase in the quality of service they provide. Excellent service means a reason to appreciate and give tips.
  • Make sure that the sign you purchase clearly indicates that tips are not mandatory but are very much appreciated. Signs are a better way of saying although you are not pushing to get a tip, you appreciate it when it is given with really saying it.
  • A sign relieves the driver from the awkwardness of asking for the tip. Nonverbal communication is sometimes the best way to communicate. It eliminates awkwardness and untoward reaction.
  • Uber tip signs can be homemade but save yourself the trouble. There are many tip signs available in different stores, which include the rubber bands or ties that will secure these in place.

Tips increase driver’s take home pay but also encourages drivers to improve the quality of their service. Improvement in the quality service provided also improves review ratings which increases the chance of getting many passengers. Don’t be afraid to put up an Uber tip sign as this provides extra incentive for you and better service to your customer.